Help and advice on caring – Carers UK

Help and advice on finances, health, work and career including flexible working, relationships, technology and equipment and more.

Our factsheets – Carers UK

Factsheets breaking down complex issues affecting carers such as finances (including Carer’s Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Personal Independence Payment), housing and looking after yourself and those you care for.

TIDE – Together In Dementia Everyday – Resources

Advice on activities for carers and people with dementia, care homes and social care, your wellbeing, resources for South Asian Carers, and more.

Living with Dementia Toolkit

A set of resources on staying safe and well, staying active, staying connected, keeping a sense of purpose and staying positive.

Alzheimer’s Society (

Offers support on daily living, help with care, staying independent, and legal and financial support.

Offers support on wellbeing as a carer and accessing help.

Resources | Useful Links | Carers Support West Sussex

Support on contingency planning, benefits, technology, bereavement and more.

Dementia toolkit guide | English (

Allows people to design their own toolkit. Articles are written for ‘Person living with dementia’ ‘Carer’ or ‘Health and Social care professional’. This resource allows you to explore lots of information and add any articles or ideas that you find useful or relevant to your own ‘toolkit’ for easy access. You will be provided with a link which allows you to access your own toolkit at any point.

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