Work Package 3: Feasibility Trial

What is the aim of WP3?

A feasibility trial will assess participant identification, recruitment processes and operational procedures informing the main trial to identify potential issues with data collection, completion of trial outcomes and improve acceptability and usability of CareCoach including software support.

What is a feasibility trial?

A feasibility study asks whether something can be done, should we proceed with it, and if so, how.

What will be involved in WP3?

WP3 is a feasibility trial taking place over a period of 6 months. WP3 will take place across seven sites, recruiting 42 participants (21 intervention, 21 control) from mental health memory services and primary care. Participants will use the CareCoach intervention (intervention group) or receive treatment as usual (control group). We will test recruitment, retention and outcomes (carers; perceived stress, burden, mood, quality of life, person with dementias quality of life).

What will be the outcome of WP3?

The information gained from this feasibility study will allow us to make refinements to the CareCoach intervention and design a full-scale trial. At this stage we will consider whether a full-scale trial is possible to conduct in the UK, within the time constraints and resources of the grant. If deemed unfeasible, we will not continue to a full-scale trial (WP4).

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