Work Package 2: Understanding Implementation

What is the aim of WP2?

WP2 aims to undertake a longitudinal process evaluation and implementation study within CareCoach to identify and understand the barriers, facilitators and consequences of CareCoach being implemented for carers, professionals, and healthcare systems to complement quantitative findings on effectiveness and inform future widespread implementation.

What is Normalisation Process Theory?

The Normalisation Process Theory (NPT) addresses the factors needed for successful implementation and integration of interventions into routine work (normalisation).

What is involved in WP2?

A mixed-methods process evaluation of the CareCoach intervention will be undertaken informed by the NPT. The NoMAD instrument will be used at all study sites in England. The NoMAD questionnaire assesses anticipated and actual barriers to implementation by describing participants’ views about how an intervention impacts on their work, and their expectations about whether it could become a routine part of their work. It will be used at different time points, to see if these perceptions change over time.

What are the outcomes of WP2?

CareCoach implementation guide

Understanding of key implementation factors for carers and staff of CareCoach.

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