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Testing a support package to help carers of people with dementia

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This is a programme of research to develop and test the CareCoach package. This package includes online modules of health resources with one-to-one support from a coach. We will test how useful this package is and how we can improve it to better support family and friends of people with dementia.

About CareCoach

The purpose of the CareCoach research programme is to adapt and test an intervention for carers of people with dementia developed in the Netherlands called ‘Partner in Balance’ (PiB) for use in the UK.

The CareCoach research programme aims to:

  • Establish how the CareCoach intervention should be adapted for UK settings. This includes working with dementia care staff and carers of people with dementia.
  • Investigate how CareCoach can be delivered to carers of people with dementia within UK healthcare settings.
  • Test if it is possible (feasible) to use CareCoach within these settings in the UK.
  • Test the effect of using CareCoach on outcomes for carers of people with dementia. This will include following up carers for longer to explore whether these outcomes improve and are long-lasting.

The findings from this work will be important to understanding all carer interventions in dementia and to date has not been established using an online intervention (such as CareCoach).

Meet the Team

CARECOACH aims to:

  • Adapt CareCoach for the UK cultural context
  • Test if it is feasible to implement in the UK
  • Test the effect on outcomes for carers of people with dementia
  • Develop pathways for widespread implementation

Watch the video below to hear Geoff’s views on the CareCoach programme and his involvement in the research. Geoff is part of the CareCoach team and has lived experience of caring for a family member living with dementia.

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